Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shellac and wax release agent

Shellac and wax release agent

Arrangement of Shims for Plaster waste mould

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Essential Health & Safety - Working with Stone

To create a safe working environment the following procedures should be followed: -
Eye Protection -wear goggles or a full-face visor. Glasses are not safe!
Foot Protection - wear suitable footwear e.g. steel toecap shoes or boots.
Dust Protection - wear a mask, visor or goggles when working and clearing up.
Spray bench tops and floor before cleaning up.
Minimise dust hazard by damping down work at regular intervals
Use the special oiled sawdust when sweeping.
Whenever possible use the industrial vacuum cleaner rather than a brush or broom.
4. Safe working practice. Learn the right techniques and processes
a) Safe grip of tool / mallet etc.
b) Safe posture
c) Safe pace
5. Safe placement. Clamp your work or steady it in a sand box or clay bag.
If your work is not steady - support it.
6. Be aware of your surroundings and the possible hazards to others
These guidelines must be followed at all times to ensure everyone’s safety in the class.